Friday, March 17, 2017

Select Right Sunglasses For Ultimate Protection

Did you know that wearing sunglasses is essential for year round protection of your eyes?
It is especially important during the summer, when outdoor activities are at their peak. “Your eyes need

sun protection

just like your skin,” says Paul Dougherty, MD, an ophthalmologist and vision-correction surgeon in Camarillo, CA.

How Sunlight Harms
Sunlight exposes eyes to two types of ultraviolet radiation:
UVB rays cause sunburn and can damage the cornea and lens of the eye. “UVB rays have been linked to cataracts, macular degeneration, and growths on the eye’s surface,” says Dougherty. You can read more about best sunglasses at this Health.Com article
UVA rays are less intense but they penetrate deeper into the eyes. These rays also cause wrinkles to the skin surrounding the eyes.

How-To-Buy-Sunglasses Tips
When shopping for sunglasses (or swim goggles), look for labels that say “blocks 100% UV”, “UV 400″, or blocks 400 Nm”, ophthalmologists recommend. Those tags mean all UV radiation s absorbed or blocked by the lens.
Below, we have put together an interesting test. Find out how many questions can you get right.

1) Darker lenses offer more UV protection.
False. It is the special chemical coating, not lens color, that gives lenses the ability to block UV rays.
2) Polarized and mirrored sunglasses block UV rays.
False. Polarized and mirrored sunglasses reduce glare, but neither block UV rays unless treated with special UV coating.
3) Cost is not a factor in good protection.
True. Top levels of coating can be found in all price ranges. Higher cost usually reflects latest fashion trend or durability.
4) Contact lenses that absorb UV light can substitute for sunglasses.
False. Contact lenses do not provide complete protection.
5) You need sun protection when swimming.
True. Unltraviolet light is strongest when reflected off surfaces like water, sand or snow.
6) Bigger is better, when it comes to frame size.
True. Wraparound and oversize frames protect a larger area around eyes.

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