Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Blog About Day Spas in Los Angeles

Hello my friends. I just joined the Ingo Beauty Salons community, and I am so excited that I am contemplating starting a blog about beauty spas. I have done a fair bit of research since I have visited so many day spas in Los Angeles. You see, there are many spas ads and websites out there and they promise the same thing. I want to go to all the classy ones and write a blog about my impressions of each place.

I was planning to save over 70 websites in order to have all the info on hand when needed. Then, a friend recommended Ingo to me. It changed everything. All I need to do is visit the site and I can find all the information about salons and spas any where in the city. I was very impressed with the extensive collections of participating spas, and the types of deals that were offered.

Ingo Beauty Salons has information and reviews about practically every salon in a big city, and it keeps expanding every week. What makes Ingo Beauty Salons one of my favorite websites is the fact that its layout is easy to understand. All of the information is in a properly categorized order according to its cities and sates.

I can find promotions on participating day spas and get my facial when I want it for the price I want it. This site has helped me gather so much information for my new blog. It saved me so much time, and the reviews are very helpful in giving me an idea of how each salon has improved over time through the insights of their customers.

I like to get a general idea before I go in so that I can compare and contrast my experiences with those that have been there in the past. I can also benefit from observing what changes have been done to the place, and what type of people like each specific spa or salon. Furthermore, I also met a couple of good friends through the Ingo Beauty Salons community, so I guess that’s one more reason to say “thank you Ingo”.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Causes of Morning Sickness in Pregnant Women

Morning sickness is a condition that mostly affects pregnant women. The condition affects them mostly during the morning hours and that is the reason behind the name: morning sickness. This condition is characterized by nausea and vomiting while pregnant. Morning sickness can also affect women who use some kinds of hormonal contraceptives.

Morning sickness causes nausea and vomiting. These attacks usually occur in the morning hours and reduce as the day goes by. The effect of morning sickness differs in women; while others experience it in the morning hours, others will have it later in the day and still others experience it throughout the day. Vomiting while pregnant and nausea are caused by this pregnancy disease. A pregnant woman may feel nausea simply by the smell of some kinds of food. This condition cannot be controlled because it is caused by the hormonal imbalance in the woman’s body. Morning sickness occurs in the first trimester i.e. between the 6th week and 12th week of pregnancy.

Morning sickness affects almost all women during pregnancy. Doctors have been known to say that morning sickness is a good sign in pregnancy. When a woman does not experience nausea and vomiting while pregnant there are high chances that the woman will have a miscarriage. The vomiting is a way that the body uses to get rid of the toxins that may be harmful to the growing fetus.

Scientists have not been successful in discovering the real causes of morning sickness in pregnant women. There are a few suggestions however, that claim that it is caused by the changes in the hormones of the pregnant woman. Pregnant women usually have enhanced sense of smell thus different kinds of smells and scents will cause nausea. Vomiting while pregnant is also a way of getting rid of toxins that could harm the baby. When a woman experiences severe nausea and vomiting while pregnant she should visit the doctor to avoid unexpected complications. Some scientists say that when a woman often has nausea and vomiting while pregnant in the first trimester it is likely that the sex of the child is female or the woman is having twins. However, these claims cannot be completely true because some women may have twins and not experience morning sickness.

Pregnant women are advised to take small meals in short intervals to avoid having an empty stomach because of increased vomiting while pregnant. They should also have snacks by their bedsides to eat after waking as this helps control the nausea they are likely to get after waking up. A pregnant woman should take long rests because nausea is associated with getting tired. They should also increase their intake of fluids.
Vomiting while pregnant and nausea is also caused by smell of perfumes, oils and lotions. The pregnant mother should avoid these items that may be termed as triggers of morning sickness. Other things that can help in controlling morning sickness include watching movies, taking short walks, hypnosis, taking ginger powder which is good for the stomach and taking vitamin pills as prescribed by the doctor.

Need a Drug Free Solution? PrimaBella™, the only FDA cleared prescription non-invasive medical device intended for treatment of nausea and vomiting due to pregnancy (NVP). PrimaBella is an innovative prescription neuromodulation device worn on the underside of the wrist to reduce nausea and vomiting symptoms during pregnancy. For more information go to http://www.primabellarx.com

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Health Insurance Information

Health insurance is something very important for every person. Everybody should pay a small tax in order his health insurance to stay active. But the problem is that a lot of health insurance companies and websites are ONLY claiming that they are real, but most of them are only made for selling people's personal info, which is not only a waste of time, but also dangerous for our live. East coast health insurance is the right way to read more info about health insurance and you can also do a quick search by state for more convinience. They also offer a telephone number and email if anybody need more details. I strongly recommend that you should visit the site now, because our health is the most important thing, don't forget this!

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Easy weight management

Slim woman
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