Thursday, December 31, 2015

Alcohol health effects

The adverse health effects are well-known, but when enjoyed responsibly, alcohol can still enjoy a healthy place in the social world. Many people are now turning to healthy alcohol mixers such as Vling in order to enjoy alcohol in the healthiest way possible. The rule goes that if you're going to drink, you might as well do it as healthily as possible. Thanks to a new stream of alternate drink companies, this is now a real possibility.

These new beverages are billed as sophisticated alternatives to calorie-heavy, sugar-heavy beer and wine cooler beverages that are associated with dehydration and hangovers that make life miserable the morning after a night with friends. Mixers bring a healthy slant to drinking with friends. It's still wise to drink responsibly and not over-do it, but with hydration drinks, you get enough alcohol to be sociable while staying hydrated and getting vital nutrients that alcohol often depletes over the course of a night of drinking.

What these drinks are is as important as what they are not. They are not entirely healthy and the health effects of alcohol are still going to pose a problem if someone drinks heavily. For those that do drink once in awhile or drink regularly but very little at a time, these drinks allow them to feel better while drinking and skip some of the more troublesome side effects of a night out on the town with friends.

Alcohol will always occupy an important place in social functions. People enjoy unwinding and having a few drinks with friends on a weekend. Health-conscious people still enjoy the occasional night on the town where they let go and have a good time without going overboard. Healthy mixers give people the path of least harm during these outings. Even if you're going to drink something as unhealthy as alcohol, you can still make sure that your body receives the healthy ingredients it needs to feel good during your outing. The end result is a fun night with friends and a body that thanks you for not entirely dismissing its needs during the night.

Thanks to these healthy mixers, people are now able to remain conscious of health while still having a responsible amount of drinks during a social get-together. It's the best of both worlds for a population that is increasingly trying to find ways to splurge once in awhile without destroying their health.

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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Working to Maintain Your Health When You Have a Sedentary Job

There are a lot of jobs that require people to stay seated for an extended period of time. Some office workers may need to sit between five or six hours every single day. They spend their entire day in front of a computer, and they are told to click here or there, type a few lines, and answer the phones.

The problem is worse for truck drivers because their entire job entails them sitting and driving, often times up to ten hours every single day. It is very unlikely that truck driving will become more labor-intensive in the next few years. Physical inactivity is a major health concern for truck drivers because it is closely linked to developing serious and often times chronic diseases. The World Health Organization in 2010 described physical inactivity as one of the top five risk factors that lead to death. This basically means that a job where a person is sedentary can be a life-threatening one.

Truck drivers need to be creative about how they use their time. They need to open their minds to innovative ideas that can make the difference between them becoming obese and ill, or maintaining their fitness and keeping their health.

Another health issue that truck drivers face is sleep deprivation, which comes from going long periods of time without sleep. When truck drivers experience sleep deprivation, it can negatively affect their endocrine system, which affects their metabolism and mood. This in turn can make them more prone to things like diabetes, hypertension, and obesity.

There is also the emotional stress and pressure that truck drivers feel. They have tight time schedules that they must meet. This can put an unbelievable amount of stress on a person. Since they are over the road, they spend extended amounts of time away from friends and family. They can begin to feel out of touch with their loved ones. When problems arise at home, they can feel frustrated because they are so far away and cannot do anything to help.

It can be hard for truck drivers to find nutritious food on the road. Their schedule and their route minimize the options they have for getting a good meal. Often times, they are forced to eat at fast food restaurants, gas stations, and other locations that offer quick, yet non-nutritious food.

Thankfully, truck drivers have been able to work with medical professionals who have come up with exercise routines, dietary plans, and other applications specifically designed to help them maintain their health and ward off obesity.

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Monday, October 5, 2015

How to fight cancer with food

I have learned a lot about cancer over the past year, but I am also aware there is much I do not know. I certainly do not intend to try telling you all I have learned, because if you wish to know more about cancer, I recommend you read some of the books I have reviewed, and/or visit some of the internet sites I have provided links to.

So, this page just contains some of the basic facts I have learned about cancer which I thought might be of interest whether you have cancer or not. For believe me, taking steps to prevent cancer is far better than trying to fight it once you have it.

How do we get cancer?
* Every cell in our body is constantly being renewed - either hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.
* This process frequently goes wrong, and when it does, faulty cells are produced.
* Our bodies are normally able to identify faulty cells and destroy them immediately.
* If a faulty cell does start to grow, our immune system normally attacks it.
* These cells are called 'pre-cancerous cells.
* Postmortems show the same level of pre-cancerous cells worldwide.
* People who are born and live in some countries, hardly ever have cancer.
* When people from these countries migrate, they acquire the host countries cancer levels.
* This indicates that the biggest cause of cancer is our environment and lifestyle.

What's the difference between cancer cells and healthy cells?
* Cancer cells use blood sugar as an energy source and grow by a process of fermentation.
* Preventing an excess of blood sugar inhibits cancer cell growth.
* Healthy cells grow through burning oxygen.
* Cancer doesn't like highly oxygenated blood.
* Raising the blood oxygen level inhibits cancer cell growth and aids normal cell growth.
* Cancer likes an acidic environment (blood supply).
* Cancer produces large quantities of lactic acid as a by-product of fermentation.
* The liver converts the lactic acid back into glucose (blood sugar).
* Creating an alkaline environment (blood supply) helps

fight cancer


What's the difference between conventional treatments for cancer, and an anti-cancer diet?
* All conventional treatments cause mental distress and physical trauma to the body.
* Eating an anti-cancer diet might cause you to buy more toilet rolls.
* Surgery can only remove the primary tumour.
* An anti-cancer diet works on the whole body.
* Radiation and chemotherapy, destroy healthy cells and lower the immune system.
* An anti-cancer diet only attacks cancer cells, and improves the immune system.
* An anti-cancer diet helps protect healthy cells from attack by cancer.
* An anti-cancer diet doesn't need expensive drugs.
* An anti-cancer diet doesn't make any money for the pharmaceutical companies.
* The NHS won't tell you anything about using an anti-cancer diet.
* An anti-cancer diet can minimise the side-effects of, and enhance conventional treatment.
* An anti-cancer diet can provide protection for the rest of your life.
* Billions of pounds are spent on cancer research and conventional treatments of cancer.
* With very few exceptions (namely prostate and breast cancers), the five year survival rate
for most cancers, is only marginally better now than it was 50 years ago.

Fight cancer

Other Items of Interest

Antibiotics destroy normal protective gut bacteria, allowing yeast and fungi to grow.

UK water is chlorinated. When showering in very hot water, chlorine vaporises into chloroform, is inhaled and goes into the blood stream. Chloroform is highly carcinogenic. (It is possible to fit a shower filter to de-chlorinate the water used for showering.) France uses ozonated water. (This could be behind the myth that the reason the French have a lower incidence of cancer, is due to them drinking a lot of red wine).

Cancer Killing Drugs - Avastin and Tamoxifen

Avastin is an anti-angiogenic drug for fighting cancer. It blocks formation of new blood vessels feeding cancerous cells. (It uses a'metronomic' approach - slow but continuous attack). Eating plenty of foods containing a wide range of phytochemicals does much the same thing.

Genistein, an isoflavone phytonutrient derived from soybeans, is a natural form of Tamoxifen.

Are Food Supplements Necessary?

There is some debate as to whether it is necessary, or even beneficial, to take food supplements when following a very healthy diet, such as the one I am on. Certainly, if you are undergoing any other treatment for your cancer, or taking any other medication, you should consult your consultant or doctor prior to using any food supplements.

My Approach to Food Supplements - And Everything Else!

Having been told that my cancer had advanced to the point that I had only a few months to live, I took the decision to throw everything at it I could. Therefore, throughout the time I have been learning about cancer, and

how to fight cancer with food

, if I read about something that could possibly help, I added it to the arsenal of ammunition to use against my cancer. As you will see from the list, this has resulted in me taking rather a lot of tablets and pills. In fact, taking them accounts for at least half the amount of liquid I drink each day.

How to fight cancer

The Food Supplements I Take

The link shown below takes you to a table that contains details of the food supplements I have been taking. This list is provided for information only and I would strongly advise that you consult a qualified nutritionist prior to taking food supplements.

One of the first things I learned about

fighting cancer with food

, was that many ordinary foods contain chemical ingredients called 'phytochemicals'.

Phytochemicals are non-nutritional plant chemicals that have protective or disease preventive properties. They are responsible for giving food its colour, taste and smell and therefore the more colour, taste and smell a food has, the higher concentration of phytochemicals it contains. There are already thousands of known phytochemicals, and more are being discovered all the time. A single fruit or vegetable may contain over one hundred different phytochemicals.

It is well-known that plants produce phytochemicals to protect themselves from pests and disease, but recent research demonstrates that these chemicals can also protect humans against diseases, including cancer.

How Do Phytochemicals Work?

Phytochemicals work in several ways. Some interfere with the enzymes that are involved in enabling cancer cells to grow. Others protect healthy cells from attack.

In order to obtain the maximum benefit, it is necessary to consume as wide a range of different coloured foods as possible. This is often referred to as a 'rainbow diet' or 'mediterranean diet'.

I learned that cancer cells are extremely difficult to kill directly, but by cutting out the foods, particularly sugar, that cancer needs in order to grow and spread, and eating plenty of foods containing a range of phytochemicals, I could fight my cancer with food, in much the same way that chemotherapy does. By starving it to death!

What's Good to Eat, and What's Not?

As I began to read more about how it was possible to fight cancer with food, I soon became aware that it was not as simple as just 'good foods' and 'bad foods'. I learned that some foods had a much greater potential for fighting cancer than others. I found that whilst some foods were alright to eat in moderation, others were best avoided altogether.

You can check more here:

Cancer fighting kitchen

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Understanding How Surrogacy Works

Surrogates help thousands of people each year achieve their dream of becoming parents. If you’re considering surrogacy as a way to have children, it’s important to know what to expect. You can begin your journey to parenthood by contacting a reputable, experienced agency. Growing Generations has a well-established program that can help you find the right surrogate and guide you through the process of becoming a parent. Whether you’re gay or straight, in a relationship or single, it’s important to work with people that support your needs. Here are the basics you need to understand before choosing surrogacy.

In Vitro Fertilization

Gestational surrogacy uses in vitro fertilization with an egg from the mother and sperm from the father. The egg and sperm can come from the intended parents or from donors. The surrogate is implanted with one or more embryos and carries the pregnancy to term. In this type of procedure, the surrogate is not related to the baby.

Surrogate Screening

The agency you work with will help you find the right surrogate. The ideal candidate has already had at least one child of her own, is healthy, and is between the ages of 21 and 40. Your surrogate will have been screened for infectious diseases and for psychological fitness. She’ll meet with a physician, mental health professional and counselors to ensure she has a complete understanding of the process. Surrogates are motivated by the desire to help others achieve parenthood, and they are compensated financially as well as having their medical and surrogate-related expenses paid for. Once a woman has been selected, you’ll complete legal contracts to protect the rights of everyone involved in the process.

Medical Treatments

To begin the medical procedures, the egg donor or intended mother and the surrogate take birth control to synchronize their menstrual cycles. The egg donor then takes drugs that stimulate fertility, and the surrogate is given hormones to prepare her uterus of implantation. Both women will be monitored and treated as needed. The procedure, from the time an egg is retrieved and fertilized, to the surrogate’s first ultrasound, takes about 33 days. After an embryo is successfully implanted, the surrogate’s hormone treatments may continue through the first trimester. She can then receive maternity care from her obstetrician until your baby is delivered.

Your agency will guide you and the surrogate through all aspects of the process, from screening and medical, to legal and financial. Your journey may be filled with emotional highs and lows, but when you choose the right surrogate and program, your path to parenthood culminates with the joyous birth of your baby.

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

How a baby can achieve everything

Hi, when I found this

cute baby picture

, I was amazed by him and I decided to write a quick article about it. You will see the photo just below the quick text here, but I would like to say a few words about it... First, I do not know this baby and I am not 100% sure that the photo has not been manipulated, but if it's real, this is just amazing. This cute little kid show people that EVERYTHING is possible! The main idea is NEVER to give up. Look at him!

The result will be amazing for sure! Here is a tool that can also help you transofrm your body to get that lean flat stomach and six pack abs you’ve always wanted. Check the Fitness Ab-Carver Pro.

Fitness for kids

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Advantages Of Urgent Care Offices

If you need any kind of medical service that is not considered an emergency, then consider going to an urgent care facility instead of an emergency room. Most offices are open seven days a week through the day and into the evening. There are a few doctors and nurses who work in these offices who can provide the care that you need. If there is an emergency seen by one of the staff members, then you will likely be sent to an emergency room for further testing or treatment.

You will often find that you get faster service when you go to an urgent care office. Since there aren't emergencies, like car accidents or heart attacks, then the doctors and nurses can usually get to each patient in a reasonable amount of time. Most people who go to this kind of office have a virus, have minor injuries or have another illness that doesn't necessarily warrant a trip to the hospital. An urgent care office is like a traditional family physician. Many of the people who visit either don't have a regular doctor or can't get an appointment with a doctor that day.

There are usually lower co-payments and fees for services provided. There isn't as much equipment in the office compared to a hospital, and testing isn't as in depth, making payments lower. You don't need an appointment as patients are usually seen on a first come, first served basis. Extended hours are sometimes available during busier times of the year when illnesses are seen, such as flu season. You can often find an office that is open on the weekends and holidays. These are offices that can examine you if there has been an incident at work and you need documentation of the injury or if you have a child who becomes ill in the morning or evening and you can't get an appointment with a pediatrician. X-rays and lab work are completed in urgent care offices. There are offices to look at online that offer urgent care near me services to find an office.

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Private Practice Doctor? Tips for Earning More

Most people think that every doctor under the sun sleeps in a bed of cash. However, if you’re a new private practice doctor, or your practice just isn’t doing as well as it once did, you know the expenses can often hamper profits.

While being a doctor isn’t all about the money, everybody wants to earn enough to support themselves well. If you’re a private practice doctor, there is one additional way you can make cash while running your practice at the same time. Use this guide to read more about it.

Consider Telemedicine

Telemedicine is something many doctors aren’t too familiar with, however, it is a great way to earn extra money while helping people. In fact, it’s helpful for many people all over the world, especially those who don’t have insurance and can’t afford medical visits.

How Do I Make Money?

When you’re doing telemedicine people will contact you with concerns they have about medical conditions or problems they’re having. While you won’t be able to diagnose everything, and in some cases you’ll need to refer people to a doctor for an in-person office visit, you can tell people the basics.

For example, somebody who obviously has a sprained ankle is easy to counsel. Other areas of the telemedicine business are simply about providing advice from a doctor, like when a person is trying to lose weight.

Remember, the information you have isn’t information that most people out there already know!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Amope Pedi - Best foot file

Hello. Probably you know somebody or a group of people that have problems with their feet. It is extremely important to cope with every health problem that we have! So, in this quick article I will present you something really useful for millions of people around the world.

I will not even wonder if you tell me that you have already heard about Amopé Pedi Perfect Electronic Pedicure Foot File. We all know that there are a lot of different ways to smooth out rough heels, but currently Amope is the easiest one to use and it's so effective that people won't like to give it back once they use it! Why?? --> Because it's WORKING! It has a great quality which can easy beat all other similar products in the market. It's power is because of the greatest formula which was developed by the company by great researches that tend to make the product ev3en greater EVERY DAY! Amopé™ means “love my feet” in Portuguese and its main idea is to keep our beauty at a high level and do its best to maintain our health!

Electronic foot file

Amope's clients claimed that this

electric foot file

make their feet nice and smooth after just one use! This is really incredible! This is a product A should have to cope with all the problems on his feet. It's Gentle on your feet and really easy to use.

The Amopé has an ergonomic design that hugs the curves of your feet by a comfortable non-slip handle which helps it to do “something special” for the appearance of your feet. This electronic foot file does not contain any sharp blades so it's safe to use. It is specially designed with a Micralumina roller head so it can easily and quickly help you get rid of tough, lifeless skin by exfoliating the foot with his gentle and safe rotating action.

Electric foot file

As you can see the

microplane foot file

is small and really easy to use. It spins 360 Degrees and it buffs away rough and dry skin just in a few minutes. In just a few days you will see a big change, with this small unit you can individualize your treatment and use it as long as you feel that your feet are rough and dry. That's why this is individual, but the results are clean and dry!
Product Dimensions: 6 x 16.4 x 20.2 cm

Microplane foot file

It's easy to install and it takes only a few minutes to see the results! You should move the unit in regular passes over the dry, dead skin, applying light to medium pressure. But be sure NOT to soak your feet before you use the

amope foot file

because this will make it impossible for the unit to effectively remove the hard skin from your feet, so it's important to use it on dry skin only!

People just love it! You can check it in Amazon as it's in TOP 10 Health Products and #1 in Callus Shavers. Check it below and read some reviews by people that already used this tool unit to achieve soft and silky feet!
Amopé Pedi Perfect Electronic Pedicure Foot File

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Running a Medical Practice? How to Keep Records Safe

As a medical professional you know how important it is that you keep the information of your patients in the office and not out in the general public. After all, it’s your responsibility to gain and keep the trust of the people you work for as a medical professional.

However, the days of paper records are pretty much over, and keeping everything on a stack of hard drives you keep in your office isn’t the best method. Hard drives can die, they can be easily corrupted and quickly stolen.

Medical history information is bad enough, but when it comes to billing information, you’ll want to make sure that’s protected too. Use this guide to help you protect your clients and keep your medical records from getting into the wrong hands.

Back Up Files

It might sound really obvious, but something you need to do or have an assistant do is back up your files. How often should you do this as a medical professional? Ideally, you should be in the habit of doing this at least a few times per week. If you’re particularly busy you might even want to have your files backed up on a daily basis.

Store some information on protected hard drives, not on your computer.

Use Web Storage

In addition to keeping your own files backed up, web storage is a solution that many medical professionals are using. While you’ll find lots of companies that just want you to join now for the best rates, web storage is a great solution because you don’t have to keep hard drives or worry about files being corrupted.

They’ll be stored on a safe server monitored by professionals, and you’ll be able to access them at will.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Online Physical Therapy Equipment Stores: Making It Easy To Order

There is no doubt that you take pride working in the field of physical therapy (PT) that you chose as a career and a profession. But when it comes to keeping track of the tools, supplies and equipment that you have either on back-order or waiting to arrive, you would appreciate a some help. Now, thanks in part to the convenience and speed of the Internet, various quality online stores, such as Current Therapeutics, can be your one-stop physical therapy exercise equipment depot.

Now carrying wide selections of the most popular major brand named items, you'll have more time to dedicate to your patients and their speedy recovery as you order through online supply stores.

Therapy supplies are now easier than ever to order, deliver and keep on hand via online stores. Whether you are supplying your practice or expanding it to accommodate more new patients, you'll be sure to appreciate as a PT specialist, chiropractor, sports trainer or an occupational therapy professional, the efficiency and speed of online ordering.

Additional Benefits From Online Buying

No matter the size or scope of your practice, you can either choose to buy in bulk for added savings or by individual purchases. You may also qualify for special price discounts as a preferred return customer. Moreover, you'll often have access to specially selected price reduced items and their accessories as well.

In addition, you'll be able to open your own professional online account where you may keep track of your order history and other related matters. Visit any of the many outstanding physical therapy equipment stores online, and stop your fretting forever when it comes time to order.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Find the Right Supplements for Your Fitness Goals

For those invested in healthier living, supplements can play an important role during daily fitness daily regimens. While many believe that supplements are only useful to the serious body builder, the right supplements can also be extremely beneficial for less rigorous diet and exercise programs.

Thanks to the sheer variety available, finding the right supplements can prove challenging. For instance, those seeking optimum joint health may want to consider adding glucosamine to their exercise regimens, while whey protein is an ideal option to retain muscle mass while simultaneously cutting weight. Of course, these are just two of the numerous options available to enhance workouts and dieting.

For more information on which supplements are best-suited to your needs, the following infographic can prove highly useful. This includes information on what specific supplements do, as well as how much is called for to achieve optimum results.

Spectrum Clubs Enhancing Performance Infographic

Spectrum Clubs Enhancing Performance Infographic [Infographic] by the team at Spectrum Clubs

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