Thursday, November 1, 2012

Unna Boot information

Hello. I would like to write an informative article about unna boot and keep my blog readers updated with new information about any health problem you could have. An unna boot is a well-prepared gauze bandage that is being used to treat slow healing heel, foot or leg uclers. This terminology was named after Paul Gerson Unna (a German dermatologist) 1850-1929. It could be used also as a supportive bandage for strains on the foot, ankle or lower leg and also for sprains. The bandage is saturated with zinc oxide. Other medicinal products in this bandage are Calamine lotion, Glycerin and Gelatin.

Now, let me show you the way you should use unna boot:
1. Your leg and wound should be washed just before the unna boot is being applied.
2. It is recommended for you to use antibiotic cream or dressing over the wound.
3. The unna dressing should be wrapped from the toes to the knee (it should be thick about three to four layers).

Once you applied the unna boot, you should also check some things:
1. You should try to keep your leg elevated above level of your heart while you are lying down.
2. You should keep boot dressing dry. If you are taking a shower, you should use a heavy plastic bag taped above and below the unna boot.
3. Try to walk daily as long as it is recommended by your healthy care provider. Sometimes it is recommended obtaining a bigger shoe (one or 2 sizes larger), but do NOT walk long distances

- You will have a comfortable and also a soothes skin;
- This bandage can also protect your skin from scratching (which is disgustingly);

- A decrease of pressure with reduced edema (then you should reapply the unna boot).
- A possible sticky sensation if the weather is warm.
- It is not very effective for non-ambulatory patients

Thank you for reading my article about Unna Boot. Visit my blog again in the next few days to read more useful information about health.

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