Friday, April 25, 2014

How to get rid of cellulite?

Hello. I would like to write a quick article that will show you

how to remove cellulite easy

! I would like first to start with a few fat removal tips:
1) One very important thing to pay attention to is water! It's really essential to drink plenty of water every day! Hydrating your body is important, this will keep your skin cells fresh! And, this will prevent the cellulite appearance. I can talk a lot about the healthy benefit of water. It's important to have a bottle of water almost everywhere with you. That's why most athletes drink a lot of water before, after and even during a competition -> because the body consumes water and in any moment, it could be not enough. For example, you can start with a glass of water early in the morning even before your glass of tea or coffee.

2) Another think to pay attention to is your eating habitat! It's really important to eat fruits and vegetables. They have a high water content which will help your body be hydrated too! Moreover, there is nothing more healthier for you than fruits and vegetables. You should FORGET about fast foods... A quick example of what you could try are raw vegetables (broccoli, carrots, raw salad greens, etc.) that are packed with nutrients, antioxidants and of course water. For a breakfast, a cup of almond milk, a cup of spinach and for example a half banana or a kiwi would be a great start of the day! Don't forget that if you follow such a diet, you will see a difference in the amount of cellulite your body has in a really short period of time and you will start to

completely remove cellulite


3) You should eat healthy fats! In most cases cellulite is caused by the fat under the skin. If you would like the cellulite to be invisible or not being noticeable, you should have healthy skin. A few foods to achieve this are olives, nuts, fish, avocados, etc.

4) Now let me show you a few things you should avoid while eating. Fried foods (fries, chicken...), foods high in sugar (like candy, soda, baked goods). Yes, they are sweet, but they can be a reason for your body to gain cellulite! Also, foods high in salt could cause your body to retain water (like canned soup, dips and dressings). Another important thing that most people don't know is alcohol... It can be a good REASON for your body to gain weight and retain water especially if it's paired with a soda or a cranberry juice...

Here is a presentation with a

good cellulite removal tip

that would be really useful. Check it out: Cellulite removal guide.
Cellulite removal tricks
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