Wednesday, July 25, 2012

5 Tips for Fitness Re-Motivation

Starting a brand-new exercise routine or workout plan can be exciting and fun. However, many people quickly grow bored with their fitness regimen and can begin to lose motivation in only a short period of time. Staying motivated can also be a problem for anyone who has taken a break from their exercise routine for reasons such as an illness or injury. While everyone knows that staying fit is important, it can still be difficult to get started on a workout program. For anyone who has trouble getting started on their fitness plan, the following five ideas will be a great way to rekindle their motivation.

Try Something New Sometimes, a motivation problem can be caused by a dull routine. Trying something new can reignite the spark that gets a person excited about their exercise. Some people might prefer to purchase a new set of workout clothes or gear, while others might enjoy taking part in a new type of sport. Whatever it is that a person chooses, it should be something that can help to get them out of their ordinary routine.

Work Out With Friends Friends can serve as a great motivator by providing a form of accountability. When choosing to work out with friends, it is best to select someone who is cheerful and on the same physical fitness level or higher. This will ensure that they will not hinder motivation, but help to increase a person’s interest in working out. For example, simply knowing that their friend will be waiting for them at the running track, can be a great way to motivate someone to get out of bed and go jogging.

Train for an Event There are many types of events, such as marathons, that a person can choose to train for over a period of time. Choosing an event that will support their favorite charity can provide motivation for people by offering the reward of knowing that they are helping others through their fitness efforts.

Consider Nutritional Supplements Sometimes a lack of motivation can be attributed to a nutritional deficiency or a hormonal imbalance. Taking nutritional supplements can be a great way to be sure that the body has what it needs in order to create energy. These supplements can be purchased in specialty shops, or most people find that it is easier to purchase them online at websites such as

Set Small Goals Focusing on the long-term picture can sometimes cause motivation to wane. It is difficult to get excited about an hour long workout. However, just focusing on completing five minutes can seem more manageable. Setting small goals such as jogging for five minutes, or seeing how far a person can walk in ten minutes, can often lead to a person continuing the workout.

When finding the motivation to workout becomes a chore, then it is time to take action. Most exercise routines can be spiced up by trying something new. Making sure that a person is receiving the adequate nutrition, rest and social support that they need to succeed can be a great way to rekindle their motivation.

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