Thursday, October 7, 2010

Effects of Proactol on Fat Absorption (Part 3)

In research on NeOpuntia’s effect on

fat absorption

, researchers predicted that if NeOpuntia did indeed bind with fats from ingested foods, preventing these fats from being absorbed into the body, then feces should contain an increased amount of excreted fat.

To test this hypothesis, researches used a group of ten healthy individuals and divided them randomly into two groups. Both groups received the same diet and were administered a capsule orally with 1.6 grams of material in it. The control group received a capsule with an inactive ingredient (the placebo) while the other group received a capsule with NeOpuntia in it.

Researchers found that the two groups varied in the amount of excreted fat: those in the NeOpuntia group excreted 27.4% more fat than those in the control group. These results suggest that NeOpuntia does bind with fats and prevents them from being absorbed into the body. This is recorded as increased

fat content

in the feces. Go to Proactol web page right now.

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