Sunday, September 26, 2010

Proactol: A Proven Herbal Remedy (Part 2)


is a completely natural fiber complex made from the dehydrated leaves of Opuntia ficus indica, a species of cactus. This prickly pear cactus grows large fruits known as tunas or nopal. Nopal have traditionally been used for both medicines and cosmetics [1].

Early research on this cactus found that animals which consumed its dried leaves had lower levels of bad cholesterol, known as LDL, but that their levels of good cholesterol, or HDL, did not decrease [2].

A patented medicinal herb made from the dried leaves of Opuntia ficus indica is known as NeOpuntia. NeOpuntia is the ingredient found in the commercially available diet pill Proactol. NeOpuntia is known to be an

effective weight loss

alternative because it binds with lipids in the digestive tract and prevents them from being absorbed into the body.

NeOpuntia is set apart from other herbal weight loss remedies because there has been much attention devoted to researching its efficacy and safety on both animal and human subjects. InQpharm is one agency responsible for conducting several of the clinical studies on NeOpuntia. Go to Proactol web page right now.

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