Thursday, January 28, 2010

What is the best diet for you for weight loss?

OK. If you want to be slim, you need to change anything in your life, isn't this right? But what to change, it is really difficult to understand this one. There are some ways to lose weight, but most of them are not healthy. So most of them are not going to help you.
OK, let's look more carefully at one diet. Oh!!! I forgot something!!! Never count the calories you have eaten!!!

Diet content

Because there is no reason. If you think the food can make you look fat, then you need to change the menu. For example, my favourite one, when I am on a diet:

Breakfast- Eggs is one of the best choice, of course if you like them. Or a low-fat cheese is also a good choice.
Lunch- A fruit, for example apple, banana and a juice of orange. Lettuce and onions are also one very good addition. Another good thing to eat is yogurt.
Dinner- Salad (tomato, celery, lettuce and cucumbers) for example with tea or diet soda. Although my favourite one is a chicken with all FAT removed.

According to the research from National Health Company, the top fruit that is used from people to lose weight is apple, followed by Avocadoes and Grapefruits. I can't agree with the 4th top food- Hot peppers because some people don't like them... and number 5 is Broccoli. But I prefer apples.

Small difference between healthy and unhealthy diets: Diet Pictures

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Upex said...

Good and interesting information...

Zuzanna Musial said...

Excellent setting for a healthy diet.
Thank you for sharing, loved your post!

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Cookey1986 said...

Really easy to understand and strait to the point.
Some great ideas.

about me said...

nice info, thanks for share

JENIE said...

thanks for sharing those helpful insights...and i especially love your BMI widget. in fact i had them copied on my health site, hope you don't mind? my readers will definitely enjoy it as much as yours here.

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