Sunday, December 6, 2015

Working to Maintain Your Health When You Have a Sedentary Job

There are a lot of jobs that require people to stay seated for an extended period of time. Some office workers may need to sit between five or six hours every single day. They spend their entire day in front of a computer, and they are told to click here or there, type a few lines, and answer the phones.

The problem is worse for truck drivers because their entire job entails them sitting and driving, often times up to ten hours every single day. It is very unlikely that truck driving will become more labor-intensive in the next few years. Physical inactivity is a major health concern for truck drivers because it is closely linked to developing serious and often times chronic diseases. The World Health Organization in 2010 described physical inactivity as one of the top five risk factors that lead to death. This basically means that a job where a person is sedentary can be a life-threatening one.

Truck drivers need to be creative about how they use their time. They need to open their minds to innovative ideas that can make the difference between them becoming obese and ill, or maintaining their fitness and keeping their health.

Another health issue that truck drivers face is sleep deprivation, which comes from going long periods of time without sleep. When truck drivers experience sleep deprivation, it can negatively affect their endocrine system, which affects their metabolism and mood. This in turn can make them more prone to things like diabetes, hypertension, and obesity.

There is also the emotional stress and pressure that truck drivers feel. They have tight time schedules that they must meet. This can put an unbelievable amount of stress on a person. Since they are over the road, they spend extended amounts of time away from friends and family. They can begin to feel out of touch with their loved ones. When problems arise at home, they can feel frustrated because they are so far away and cannot do anything to help.

It can be hard for truck drivers to find nutritious food on the road. Their schedule and their route minimize the options they have for getting a good meal. Often times, they are forced to eat at fast food restaurants, gas stations, and other locations that offer quick, yet non-nutritious food.

Thankfully, truck drivers have been able to work with medical professionals who have come up with exercise routines, dietary plans, and other applications specifically designed to help them maintain their health and ward off obesity.

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