Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Advantages Of Urgent Care Offices

If you need any kind of medical service that is not considered an emergency, then consider going to an urgent care facility instead of an emergency room. Most offices are open seven days a week through the day and into the evening. There are a few doctors and nurses who work in these offices who can provide the care that you need. If there is an emergency seen by one of the staff members, then you will likely be sent to an emergency room for further testing or treatment.

You will often find that you get faster service when you go to an urgent care office. Since there aren't emergencies, like car accidents or heart attacks, then the doctors and nurses can usually get to each patient in a reasonable amount of time. Most people who go to this kind of office have a virus, have minor injuries or have another illness that doesn't necessarily warrant a trip to the hospital. An urgent care office is like a traditional family physician. Many of the people who visit either don't have a regular doctor or can't get an appointment with a doctor that day.

There are usually lower co-payments and fees for services provided. There isn't as much equipment in the office compared to a hospital, and testing isn't as in depth, making payments lower. You don't need an appointment as patients are usually seen on a first come, first served basis. Extended hours are sometimes available during busier times of the year when illnesses are seen, such as flu season. You can often find an office that is open on the weekends and holidays. These are offices that can examine you if there has been an incident at work and you need documentation of the injury or if you have a child who becomes ill in the morning or evening and you can't get an appointment with a pediatrician. X-rays and lab work are completed in urgent care offices. There are offices to look at online that offer urgent care near me services to find an office.

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