Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Blog About Day Spas in Los Angeles

Hello my friends. I just joined the Ingo Beauty Salons community, and I am so excited that I am contemplating starting a blog about beauty spas. I have done a fair bit of research since I have visited so many day spas in Los Angeles. You see, there are many spas ads and websites out there and they promise the same thing. I want to go to all the classy ones and write a blog about my impressions of each place.

I was planning to save over 70 websites in order to have all the info on hand when needed. Then, a friend recommended Ingo to me. It changed everything. All I need to do is visit the site and I can find all the information about salons and spas any where in the city. I was very impressed with the extensive collections of participating spas, and the types of deals that were offered.

Ingo Beauty Salons has information and reviews about practically every salon in a big city, and it keeps expanding every week. What makes Ingo Beauty Salons one of my favorite websites is the fact that its layout is easy to understand. All of the information is in a properly categorized order according to its cities and sates.

I can find promotions on participating day spas and get my facial when I want it for the price I want it. This site has helped me gather so much information for my new blog. It saved me so much time, and the reviews are very helpful in giving me an idea of how each salon has improved over time through the insights of their customers.

I like to get a general idea before I go in so that I can compare and contrast my experiences with those that have been there in the past. I can also benefit from observing what changes have been done to the place, and what type of people like each specific spa or salon. Furthermore, I also met a couple of good friends through the Ingo Beauty Salons community, so I guess that’s one more reason to say “thank you Ingo”.

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